Our family winery belongs to the Mátrai Wine Region in Abasár, which renewed in 2013 from a family heritage and founded by a young brother and sister.


Our vineyards are located in the southern slopes of Sár-hegy which is the south part of Mátra-Mountains and the intersection of the mountains and the Great Hungarian Plains. For 15 years, the size of our wine yards has been increasing significantly, today we cultivate a 30 hectare land (which equals approximately 74 acres in the US or imperial measurement system).

Thanks to the special microclimate and the tuff rocks that are rich in minerals– even in unfavourable weather – high quality grape-vines grow in this wonderful mountainous area.

We welcome the wine lovers at our wine-tasting room that is just at the top of our winery, where we offer handmade cheese, homemade savoury scone and (if required) one-course dish besides our wines.

We proudly say that we completely cover every aspect of the life of grapevines from cultivation to bottling. Nearly 5 hectare of our land is being used as grape nurseries. This is where we produce both the rootstock which provides the root system and lower part of the trunk and the scion which provides the above ground parts including the fruit. Grapevines can be grown on their own root systems or they may be grafted onto a rootstock - we have been engaging in grafting of the grapevines for more than 10 years.