SzőlőművelésMany people are unaware of how much work and effort have to be put in the growing of the grapevines until the final wine in pure liquid form gets bottled up. Almost the entire year there are some kind of work in the vineyard, just to mention a few, dressing the vines for the winter and vine-shoot knitting in the spring or the green job during summer and - obviously enough - the harvest in autumn.

If anyone out there is up for the challenge to try out what is it like to be a wine-grower, we offer an opportunity to participate in any part of the process. You may choose a few grape-lines to cultivate them and in autumn, harvest the very lines that you had cultivated perhaps even with your family or friends. You can be the one to process the grapes to must and then eventually to wine at our press-house. We also offer the opportunity for the storage of your wine until you are able to take it with you.

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